If aliens watching from outer space are placing bets, the smart money will not be on countries were wokeism has prevailed:

Recruits fit to become soldiers are not looking for gay hookups in a liberal social engineering lab. They are looking to win fights.

The subversion of the military by moonbats has had such a devasting effect on recruitment that the Army has been forced to revive the “Be All You Can Be” theme from the 1980s. But recruits already know what kind of Commander in Chief they would be fighting under — and what kind of Liberal World Order they would be fighting for.

The war that matters is already underway. The opponent is not Russian or Chinese. If we lose the current war against the degenerate leftist enemy within, the resulting power vacuum will make WWIII inevitable. But that will only be an epilogue, serving to put what’s left of the West out of its misery.

On a tip from Chuck A.

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By Jeffrey L. Klump

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