Emilie Viollet has made a significant impact in the direct sales industry, and has quickly achieved the rank of Diamond in Streakk.

Prior to discovering direct selling, Emilie Viollet worked as a nurse, giving care to people who are sick or injured and helping them get better. However, as beautiful as her job was, Emilie knew that she would not end her life as a nurse, working long hours daily as well as on weekends and holidays. More so, she had little time for her children and personal schedules.

“I chose this industry because I knew that I would not end my life as a nurse. I wanted to help people in a different way, if I could choose my schedules and enjoy ample time with my children, that was the icing on the cake for me.”

said Emilie Viollet.

Emilie was very lucky to have the opportunity to learn about the industry through a friend.

“I started in November 2020 after an experience in home sales. I received a call from a friend and mentor who told me that we had to talk. I listened, and even if I hadn’t understood everything, I started.”

As time passed, she quickly fell in love with the direct selling industry as she discovered that the same principles of hard work and helping others could get her to a level she never dreamed was possible in network marketing. Ever since, network marketing has helped her gain the time, freedom and independence she has always wanted.

She recently joined Streakk, a leading Blockchain company as a promoter. The company’s growing success is no surprise considering that it’s driven by a reputed CEO and a strong and hardworking team.

Emilie Viollet

When asked why she chose Streakk, she said:

 “I have a great need to be aligned with my values, transparency and humanity. Beyond these values ​​I wanted to be in a decentralized world, without blocked money where the customer can earn money without buying anything.

Also having such a human CEO is enormously valuable to me and everything is done for everyone to succeed.”

Streakk has designed an amazing compensation system for promoters. It has a unique referral system that compensates marketers nicely, driving more action among the team.

Emilie has also expressed her concerns about women in the crypto field. Although her experience as a woman working in the field has been a good one, she stated that women seem less credible and have to work harder to gain recognition from their peers.

“Women are few in number and little recognized in our field. I have the impression that they seem less credible and have to work harder. however when we succeed, we get real recognition from our peers. For me, I have always had a lot of benevolence, protection and friendship within our team.”

Stated Emilie Viollet.

She went further to encourage other women who are looking to join Streakk saying:

“Don’t be afraid to fail. Even if you don’t understand everything or you don’t know crypto you will learn! Be determined, focus and you will become unstoppable! Join us women. We must be widely represented and we have everything to succeed.”

Emilie hopes to help more people gain financial freedom and independence, thus achieving their dream lifestyle. With Emilie’s dedication and Streakks’ revolutionary products, there is sure to be a monumental achievement soon.

About Streakk

Streakk is a leading crypto platform that is focused on creating the future of finance by maximizing the potential of crypto. The company has a very solid background as it’s been spearheaded by a very reputed and seasoned entrepreneur with over 30 years of experience.

Streak provides a stable passive income for its users to grow their portfolio with stable staking rewards from over 20 cryptocurrencies. Users can hold crypto in their wallets and earn up to 30% rewards. They can also add or withdraw funds anytime, anywhere. For more information please visit www.streakk.io

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