Students coming out of our public schools may not be able to read or do math, but they could be well qualified to work in the porno industry:

Students at Churchill High School in Eugene, Oregon, were repeatedly put in uncomfortable positions during health class after the teacher had them engage in sexually explicit assignments.

The word “health” means “whatever leftists want to impose.” In the context of Covid, it means authoritarianism. In the context of abortion, it means killing offspring. In the context of school, it means corrupting innocence.

For one of these assignments, students who had missed class earlier in the month were instructed by their teacher, who is also a football coach, to write out a “sexual fantasy” featuring items such as feathers and massage oils.

No worries; the assignment specified that there was to be “NO penetration of any kind or oral sex.” Downright priggish, by today’s standards.

Other assignments are less straight-laced:

Another shockingly inappropriate assignment also took place during the same class. In February, students were required to play a game called “With Whom Would You Do It?”

To play the game, students had to spin a wheel labeled with sexual acts, including anal penetration and oral sex. This wheel was projected in front of the entire classroom and, when the wheel stopped on a sexual act, the students had to mark the initials of both a male and female student with whom they would want to perform the act.

Sexual deviants have discovered that laws against corrupting the morals of a minor do not appear to apply to teachers, who often work in a climate of unmitigated liberalism. Consequently, they have flooded the profession. This has resulted not only in LGBT grooming but in an explosion of sex crimes against children.

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