In 2013, a 1,000 year old prophecy began to unfold.

Everyone except a very few, was conned by the counterfeit, imposter, who weaseled his way onto the throne of Saint Peter.

It is common knowledge that a jesuit cannot be pope. 

On top of that, this man, Jorge bergoglio isn’t even Catholic. 

This prophecy continues to unfold and is the ancient prophecy from none other than Saint francis of assisi. 

Order volume II of the “To Deceive The Elect” series, “On the True and False Pope. The Case Against Bergoglio”.

Time literally is running out for humanity.

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Father Paul Kramer is a monthly guest on the number 1 alternative radio network worldwide, for more than 30 years, the Rense Radion Network!

This is the Counterfeit. He's a "Frugaze". His Name is Jorge Mario Bergoglio. The World Knows Him as "pope Francis". He is Anti-pope #39 in The Church.
This is the True Pope and the Vicar of Christ on Earth. His Name is Pope Benedict XVI. He has been Pope Since 2005.
This is the Last of the Living Experts on the Fatima Prophecies. His Name is Father Paul Leonard Kramer. A Catholic Priest on a Mission from God.

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