in 2013, a one thousand year old prophecy began to unfold from saint francis of assisi

Father Paul Leonard Kramer is the last of the living experts on the fatima prophecies. He is here to expose a man who was not canonically elected and usurped the throne of saint peter in 2013.

Father kramer’s latest book is entitled, “On the true and false pope. the case against bergoglio. this is volume II of his book series, “to deceive the elect”. you need to read this book to understand what is going on in the world.

Father Kramer is a monthly guest on the number one alternative radio program for the past 30 years worldwide. The Jeff rense program.

This man is a "Frugaze". He is a "fake pope". His name is Jorge Bergoglio. The world knows him as 'pope Francis". He is Anti-pope #39 in the Church.
This is Father Paul Kramer. He is the last of the Living Experts on the Fatima Prophecies. He is on a Mission from God to expose the false pope to the world.

Please watch this important video!

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