Welcome to a Shopping Club It's Melaleuca! for American-Made Products Only

The Average American Spends Anywhere From $50 to $100 Per Month at Costco, Walmart, and Sam's Club. You Are Just Changing the Places Where You Shop to a Company That Manufactures American-Made Products Only and Products That Are All-natural, Healthy, and Safe for you to use. Please Watch the two Video's Below for Additional information.

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These Are Just a few of the more than 400 american-made products available!


As a Shopping Club Member, You also have the option of generating monthly residual & passive income by introducing this shopping club to others.

How Does It Work?

Step 1 – Enroll as a Customer. [This is not MLM. You Must be a Customer First.]

Step 2 – Make a short list of any friends or relatives that may be interested in these products and opportunity.

Step 3 – Get with your business partner who brought you into Melaleuca and work out a plan and your goals. 

Step 4 – If you are interested in 10 Xing your business, it is recommended that you get trained in the use of digital marketing & lead generation tools that we use and pay for which are completely separate from Melaleuca. These tools are an incredible way to generate, cultivate, and enroll new leads into your business. 


This is Jeff Klump in Creve Coeur, MO. USA.

I have been a customer of Melaleuca for more than 3 years and now I am working it as a business and helping others along the way.

Here are just a few of the benefits of becoming involved with Melaleuca:

✅Work From Home

✅Partner with a Global Billion-dollar U.S. Manufacturer

✅Build Monthly Residual and Passive Income

✅Lead Generation Programs Available

✅This is not MLM. You Must be a Customer First!

✅All Products Made in the USA

✅No Inventory

✅No Overhead or Problems with Tenants Like You Have with Real Estate

✅All Products Are Environmentally Safe

✅ Risk-Free way of Earning Additional Income

✅No Supply Chain Issues or Shortages

✅You Are Part of a Team. You Won’t Be Left Alone to Figure It Out

✅$19 Annual Membership Fee

✅You will always have people to talk to. We will train you how to use digital marketing tools including a texter, auto-email responder, and much more. 

✅This is an EZ Business That can be worked Full-Time or Part-Time. It is a No Brainer!

Are you able to make ends meet? Can you keep up with rising inflation costs? More and more people are falling behind. Join a shopping club for american-made products only and a u.s. manufacturer that makes healthy and environtmentally safe products along with giving you an opportunity to earn additional income! 

Watch the two videos below for additional information on the products by Melaleuca and the great home business opportunity you have available as well!

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Play Video


There is no other online opportunity where you can earn monthly residual & passive income risk-free.

You are purchasing consumable products from costco, walmart, and sam’s anyway.

buy american made and also look into this opportunity to generate additional income for you and your family

contact me today and get started!



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